We run campus based and online courses. All courses comprise of theoretical and a practical components. At the end of each program your performance will be evaluated through a theory paper and a practical test.

Diploma in Ayurvedic Beauty Culture/Professional Ayurvedic Beautician Certificate-On campus
Advanced Diploma/Professional Ayurvedic Aesthetician Certificate-On Campus
Diploma in Yoga/Yoga Teacher Training-Online/On campus
Advanced Diploma in Spa Management-Online
Diploma in Leadership and Management-Online
Certificate in Micro Dermabration-On campus
Certificate in Micro Needling-On Campus

Diploma in Ayurvedic Beauty Culture Professional Ayurvedic Beautician Certificate

3 months-Campus based

*Anatomy and Physiology of the skin, skin types, identification of the skin type, facial massage *Normal Skin Facials *Anti-aging facials *Dry and oily skin facials *Pimple treatment *Ayurvedic Manicure and pedicure-foot and hand massage *Long hair treatment, hair coloring, hair conditioning, dandruff treatment-Head massage *Bridal treatment-Glow Facial,Body glow/polishing treatment,Teeth whitening,Under arm whitening,Beauty Lips treatment *How to create your own natural products *Free workshops-How to face an interview and Make up session

Advanced Diploma /Professional Ayurvedic Clinical Aesthetician Certificate

3months-Campus based

*Advanced facial care *Reflexology *Shiro Dhara *Shiro vasthi and Kati vasthi *Skin diseases and clinical medicine *body slimming treatment *Advanced hair care *Detox treatment *Aromatherapy *Free workshops-Nail art workshop How to develop your own business/clinic

Advanced Diploma in Spa Management

3 months-Online

What is SpaManagement,recruiting,equipment and how to set up a spa,marketing,administration,finance management and spa maintenance

Diploma in Yoga Yoga teacher training Certificate

3 months/online

Receive an accredited qualification to start one of the most demanding careers as a Yoga trainer

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